20 May 2010


If you ever need any motivation to exercise I can assure you Nike+ is the answer. My husband bought me these shoes and Nike+ band and I have been running ever since (which is really only the last three weeks). The Nike+ band comes with a chip you insert into the sole of your left sneaker (must be Nike+ shoes). The wristband communicates with the chip in your shoe to calculate your distance, pace, time and calories burnt. When you have completed your run you just pop the USB out of the wrist band, stick it in your computer, log on to the Nike Plus website and the details of your run are recorded. You can follow specified training programs, follow your own progress and socialize with other Nike+ members online. For more information click here.

1 comment:

  1. Right, now I can say it... I love these and NEED a pair and I'm sure they would motivate me!!


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