12 July 2010


If you are into laughing at other peoples' expense, then you should check out this site Awkward Family Photos where people submit their most embarrassing family portraits. The most popular photos have been compiled into a book that is now on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Check out my favourite submission below. Double denim is a beautiful thing right now, but this photo proves it is easy to get it wrong (multiple times). And the "stacks-on" positioning has me rolling on the floor! Apparently the daughter submitted the photo and when the authors, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, asked if it would be ok to use the photo for the cover, the daughter said there might be one problem...her Dad thinks the photo is great and he doesn't find it awkward AT ALL! Now, I am close with my family, but there is no way you could get us to recreate this picture and be serious about it. Which one is the Dad anyway? *_*

Do you think my family would mind if I submitted THIS photo? :) There are SO many things wrong with this picture!

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