02 July 2010


I overuse the expression "time flies", but man, TIME FLIES. It has already been a year since the death of the world's greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson.

Some of Michael's most prized possessions went up for auction recently, with his studded gloves selling for $160,000!
On Sunday at the BET Awards Chris Brown paid tribute to MJ, but didn't quite make it through the whole performance, he broke down when he sang "Man in the Mirror" and literally could not hit a note. After being pushed aside from performing in past tributes, this was Chris' chance to pay homage to the man who has inspired his career. Personally, I think he did an amazing job and deserved to honor Michael. While others think his tears were a publicity stunt, I can't help but feel for Chris. His undeniable talent has been overshadowed by the "Rihanna incident" and I think it's about time we give him a fair chance to share his music with the world again. Peep his MJ tribute below. Sorry, not the best quality.

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