10 August 2010


Boardwalk Empire, now this is the show to watch. All my fellow Sopranos fans, who are still mourning the loss of the greatest TV series ever written, can rejoice a little knowing that a new group of mobsters will take over our screens very soon. In my opinion, HBO is the greatest television network in the world, so it was no surprise to find out that its newest addition, Boardwalk Empire, has some super heavyweights behind it. Terence Winter (writer for The Sopranos) and Martin Scorsese have teamed up to deliver you an Emmy Award worthy script and cast. Set in the Atlantic City prohibition era, Steve Buscemi stars as Jersey's original gangster Nucky Thompson. Featuring some of the underground's most notorious figures, including Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein and Al Capone, Boardwalk Empire is sure to contain enough action and corruption to keep viewers glued to the screen. It also stars one of my favourites from The Wire, Michael K. Williams (aka Omar Little). Click here to check out the trailer.

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