09 December 2010


Man, how did I not know about GIDEON SHOES until now?! Shoes with a purpose, beyond just making your feet look fresh.

Matt and Naomi Noffs created The Street University in Western Sydney back in 2007. The Street University is retreat for marginalised kids and features recording and dance studios, a library, computer rooms, a basketball court, a cafe and so much more. In 2009 Matt Noffs and his brother Rupert started GIDEON SHOES, with the idea that profits from their sneaker creations would fund and support The Street University.
The Street University
Creators of GIDEON SHOES - Rupert & Matt
GIDEON SHOES are produced in Australia using ethical and supervised practices, and are hand-crafted from mostly Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather.
Matt and Rupert recently travelled to New York, accompanied by Ksubi's Dan Single, to  launch GIDEON SHOES in the US. They are in current talks with rapper Mos Def, amongst other artists and personalities,  to collaborate with the brand - now that's street cred! 

Rocking a pair of GIDEON SHOES goes beyond just donning a pair of super stylish kicks. For more on GIDEON SHOES, click HERE.

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