16 September 2010


Hello world!...and thank you to my girl JB for welcoming me into her world and inviting me to contribute to the COOL. I am (in order of occurrence), a son, a brother, a husband and a daddy. I am superman and can do no wrong in my little angel's eyes. Blessed with a love filled childhood thanks to 'mamma and baba', growing up, I could focus on chasing my dreams and rising to great heights knowing that if I fall, they would be there to catch me. I hope to do half as good a job for my little angel as they did for my brother and I. I am a loyal friend for life with a tight inner circle. God's plan is undeniable and I am merely a reason. Without his guidance and strength, I am lost and weak. Music is my daily companion, so when i worked in the music industry, it was getting paid to hang out with a good friend. The difference between Hip Hop and Rap, is like being in love with someone and loving someone, so for those who don't know, now you know...Fashion is a passion of mine and the dream of working in the industry is yet to be realised...you never know what's around the corner. Never ever step on my kicks. Referred to as the male equivalent to Carrie Bradshaw, my appetite for shoes is endless. I am a sneaker-freaker with a rare collection who is also impartial to fine leather pieces. I am a coffee snob who loves to cook and can never resist ice cream. MJ23 = G.O.A.T. Jay Z = Mike Jordan of recording. LeBron, Ye, Cudi and KOBE are leaders of the Next Gen. Obama's election gave me hope.
I thank you for taking the time and I promise to always give you the real ME.

Salaam (peace)

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