07 April 2011


Check out the Jigga Man, aka Jay-Z's latest venture Life + Times, a curated feed of style, leisure, art & design, technology, music and sports. 

Take a look at this Life + Times video of Glenn O'Brien, more commonly known as "The Style Guy" at GQ Magazine. O'Brien has had a diverse career - he was a member of Andy Warhol's Factory, working as a music critic for Warhol's Interview magazine, hosted the hit show "TV Party" featuring famed guests such as Blondie, Fab 5 Freddy, The Clash and Jean-Michel Basquiat, was a contributing editor for Allure and Harper's Bazaar, and enjoyed a stint as Creative Director of advertising for Barney's New York. He was even responsible for editing Madonna's Sex Book.

Glenn O'Brien shares some of his treasured private collection of works in the video below. You can grab a copy of Glenn's latest book "How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman" HERE.

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